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First, as a result of its small size, this tool has great portability.

snoring dragon inn

snoring dragon inn

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Directions (Full instructions are included): It is not advisable to wear the ring during waking hours as maximum benefit is desired whilst you are asleep The ring should be placed on the little finger of the right hand for males and the left hand of females preferably 30 mins before you plan on retiring to bed The block MUST be positioned on the outside (1) OR underneath (2) the little finger halfway between the knuckle and the middle joint of the little finger ( NB For the majority of people the ring is most effective in position (1) Gently squeeze and tighten the ring so that you are aware of a pressure on the finger Do NOT over tighten the ring as it is unnecessary and will feel uncomfortable Trial and error will determine the right pressure for you and the most effective position of the block ie on the outside (1) or underneath (2) the little finger The beneficial effects of the ring may take several days to develop although many people report an immediate effect Testimonials Below is just a small sample of the customer testimonials: "It's so nice to have peaceful nights" "I haven't snored since I started using it" "I'm convinced, it works for my hubby, fantastic and so simple" "Bought this for my partner, it has completely changed my life" "I cannot believe this ring has virtually stopped my snoring" "Great product, divorce is now on hold! Snoring may be also picked up by a condenser microphone placed at 15-20 cm from the mouth. Then move on to Ba and to Ma.More>>>

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